I think we should quickly define the word:
v. mocked, mock-ing, mocks v.tr.
To mock  (mk) v. mocked, mock·ing, mocks v.tr. 1. To treat with ridicule or contempt; deride. 2. To mimic, as in sport or derision     See Synonyms at ridicule.To imitate; counterfeit. 3. To frustrate the hopes of; disappoint. v.intr. To express scorn or ridicule; jeer: They mocked at the idea. n. 1. The act of mocking.     Mockery; derision: said it merely in mock. 2. An object of scorn or derision. 3. An imitation or a counterfeit. adj. Simulated; false; sham: a mock battle. adv. In an insincere or pretending manner: mock sorrowful.

With that, Erik and I have attempted to create a mock radio program with the creation of the "EGG In The Morning Show". And quite frankly, we have more than once experienced the scorn of others as a result of our mockery. For nearly 2.5 yrs we faithfully recorded the show and uploaded the finished program to a server somewhere in the Nevada dessert in hopes of carving a niche' for ourselves. Unfortuanetly, I moved and our little show ended. Since 2007, the show has remained shall we say, dormant; fast forward to the present. Erik and I are once again on speaking terms and the two of us are plotting to re-hatch "EGG". When you ask? Why 2013 of course...stay tuned, things might just heat up in the kitchen.

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EGG In The Morning
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EGG Volumes EGG In The Morning Volume 88 Episode 75 our tribute to Arrested Development featuring Erik Anderson & his adopted children "Mamba and Jamba"

EGG Volumes EGG In The Morning Volume 87 Episode 74 our tribute to Welcome Back Kotter with Erik Anderson, Gene Joner, Ralph Anderson, and Jamba

EGG Volumes EGG In The Morning Volume 86 Episode 73 the "BIG ANNOUNCEMENT" with Erik Anderson, Gene Joner, Chuck Ramsey, and Jamba

EGG Volumes EGG In The Morning Volume 85 Episode 72 A look back at Mr. Belvedere with Erik Anderson, Gene Joner, Erik's mom, and Jamba