Bio: The year: 1948. The day: The fourth of March. Our scene opens to an establishing shot of a hospital. A woman has just given birth to a man who would one day be the co-founder and bassist of the 70’s rock n’ roll sensation, Chris Squire. Little did Chris know that as he began celebrations for his 34th birthday as only a star of his caliber could (cheap beer and floosies) that another special young man was being jettisoned from the womb. Yes, just 34 short years after the birth of this “legendary” rocker, another star-in-the-making was jettisoned from the womb.

We sat down and asked Erik Anderson if he could tear himself away from Jon & Kate plus 8 long enough to give us a little Erik. After disregarding rumors he that he was little, our interview began.

These are the questions that transpired…

  1. Full name: Erik Douglas Anderson, the first
  2. Preferred fake name: Max Power
  3. Superhero name: Seamus
  4. Birthdate: Smarch 4th
  5. Birthplace: General Hospital
  6. Hair color: Regular
  7. Eye color: Sky Hazel
  8. Do you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom: Depends on if I make a delivery or not.
  9. Favorite flavor: Flavor Fav
  10. Amount of time you can hold your breath: Forever as long as my hands and arms don’t give out.
  11. f you could lie about your average bowling score to any one celebrity, that celebrity would be: Prince Harry or Madonna
  12. Favorite professional foosball player: Logan Berry
  13. Most peaceful life experience: This interview
  14. What kind of soap do you use: Lever 2000, for all my 60 at the most parts
  15. Least favorite liquid: Garbage Water
  16. The state in the continental USA you'd most want people to be residing in while viewing this bio: Connecticut
  17. Movie character most aligned with your personality: Luke Skywalker, whiny but powerful
  18. Fill in the blank: Brothers by Charlie Sheen & Emilio Estevez
  19. Three bands that are most worth a major loss of your hearing: Weezer, Linkin Park, Simon & Garfunkel
  20. Age at which you'll start pretending to be senile: Fiddle cat silver spoon
  21. Age at which you'll really be senile: dozen eggs for the president
  22. Favorite 3 holidays: Arbor Day, Thanksgiving, Rashashana
  23. If you were forced to play only one video game incessantly for all eternity, you would pick: Chrono Trigger
  24. Shoe size: Meaty
  25. Favorite type of exercise: WiiFit
  26. The way you'd like to die: At the hands of Bill Clinton
  27. Least favorite sports team: Mountain View Thunder
  28. Best lifestyle improv moment from the last month: Cheese it!
  29. Favorite place to perform: Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
  30. Example of a time when your comedy went horribly wrong: Singing off lyrics to a Jeremy Camp song only to be told that those were actually lyrics he wrote during a time of mourning. Yikes!
  31. At what age did you learn that Santa Clause was a lie? 18. He didn’t show up to my High School graduation.
  32. Which Back Street Boy is the sexiest? Morgan Freeman
  33. What is your least favorite vegetable? OLIVES!!! DIE!!!!
  34. What happened on the worst date you ever went on? Took my Mormon boss’ daughter to Jurassic Park 3. Yearned to be eaten by a Raptor.
  35. Do you have a tattoo? Not yet If so, of what? the letter "R" on the bottom of my right foot (Original answer left by the guy whom I stole this from and decided to leave it. Couldn’t do any better than that.)
  36. Have you ever farted out loud unintentionally in a crowded area? Where, and what happened? Yes. Dog Park. Said “Oops! Someone killed the pooch!”
  37. Have you ever cromited? No. I have gavomited though.
  38. What was your first job? Learning the real meanings of words.
  39. What was your GPA in High School? GPA = Girls Pouncing Average? About 2 a day. Couldn’t keep ‘em off me.
  40. Did you ever date or want to date a cheerleader? I did date a cheerleader. Creepiest thing ever.</li>
  41. Have you ever eaten escargot? Have you? You first.
  42. Elvis or Beatles? Do you have to ask? If you have to ask, you need to be drug out into the street and shot.
  43. Complete this sentence: Your misfortune is our profit. (Said by George Lucas & Steven Spielberg in regards to the latest installment of Indiana Jones.
  44. If you could have a piece of furniture upholstered in Contractor Bags, what would it be? toilet
  45. Do you have siblings? I am the only child my parent could handle.
  46. Which Political Party do you affiliate yourself with? The winning one.
  47. Have you ever voted? Yes. My new M&M color wasn’t chosen ?
  48. At what age do you plan to marry? 12
  49. What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you? Almost met Amy Grant in person.
  50. If you could donate one million dollars to a philanthropic society or charity, which would it be? The Republicans. They seem like a group that has it all together and boy, they need the funds.
  51. What are you going to be for Halloween this year? Guy Who Just Woke Up
  52. Pepsi or Coke? Pepsi
  53. Stolen from Fight Club, but great question: If you could fight any historical figure, who would you fight? Winston Churchill
  54. If it was OK to punch a woman, which female celebrity would you punch in the face? Opera and/or Amy Grant
  55. Do you have any pets? My dear Nala
  56. So far, which challenge has been the most enjoyable?Climbing Mount Neverends
  57. If you could change the past, what one major world event would you change? The theatrical release of Indiana Jones: Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull.
  58. Do you floss daily? Yes, if you are referring to tushy floss
  59. Thrifty or Spend-thrift? Thriftway
  60. Do you sing in the shower? I JT dance
  61. Which do you enjoy more, Hockey or Baseball? Hockball
  62. If you could wake up a famous/powerful person tomorrow, who would you be? Me, but famouser
  63. Do you like to cook? Some guys are just plain cookin’ all the time.
  64. Slob or Neat-nik? Beatnik. That sounds fun.
  65. What is your favorite breakfast cereal? Cracklin’ Oat Bran
  66. Who do you admire most? Jesus, my girl, Gene, Stephen & the boys in =w=
  67. If you saw somebody drop five bucks on the ground, would you pocket it, or chase the person down and give it back to them? *Sigh* The latter. Although I could really use the $5.
  68. Who would you rather have clean your front seat after the Diruetic doom...Barbara Streisand or Celine Dion? No contest: Mecca Streisand
  69. Is there anything that you're doing right now as you answer these questions that you would like to share with your readers? Picking my, um, face.
  70. When you answered these questions, did you tell the truth? I have seen CSI and I know what happens if you don’t.
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Gene is a Jazz Saxophonist, audio/video editor, avid podcaster, and is currently living with his lovely wife Kenna in Spokane, WA where he serves on staff at Life Center Church. Since 1982 Gene has performed as a saxophonist in the Portland/Vancouver area in a number of big bands; Art Abrams Swing Machine Big Band, Border Patrol Big Band, Woody Hite Big Band, and the Pacific Jazz Orchestra. During his tenure as a member of the Swing Machine, Gene performed with a variety of world class artists; 2 time Grammy nominated Diane Schur, Curtis Salgado, Autie Goodman and the "Four Freshman, and Richie Cole to name a few.

Besides performing as a jazz saxophonist, Gene served as the audio/video editor for Living Hope Church, editing not only video's but Living Real a weekly radio broadcast featured on KPDQ 93.9 FM. It was during his time as the voice of "Living Real" that the idea for "EGG In The Morning" was hatched . . .

Now onto the more scintalting facts about Gene....He likes to start off his mornings with a black cup of coffee sipped while watching the local news in a quiet house. Though his personal style has greatly improved since marriage he is still holding onto some 80's t-shirts in his man cave. He dreams of music and marching bands in high definition. He is looking forward to one day reading some science fiction instead of textbooks and his computer screen.

Husband, Dad, terrible mechanic and fix-it guy, who has a phenominal wife and a father of three incredible children and we all love Jesus with our whole hearts! I'm a pastor, daydreamer, big fan of Mexican and Thai Food!!!! Still sticking with the Seattle Mariners and Seahawks, but not the Sonics...
  • Learn Spanish and travel with Ronda
  • Visit the Green Monster in Boston
  • Spend some time in New Zealand
  • Run barefoot on a beach in Belize
  • Taste Amazon Rain
  • In Heaven all your clothes will always fit. And you won't have a closet full of clothes that you're
  • hanging hoping one day you will squeeze into when you lose that weight.
  • In Heaven there will be two thermostats. One for the men . . . and one for the women
  • In Heaven there will be no diapers to change, no puberty . . . and no guys trying to date my daughters
  • In Heaven you won't get in trouble for flushing the toilet while someone is trying to take a shower
  • In Heaven no cell phones will go off in the middle of the worship service
  • When a restaurant has two doors to get in and they never unlock that one on the right.
  • Whoever doesn't unlock that door annoys me.
  • Reality shows that involve dating
  • People you use the Latin name for birds.
  • Loud cell phone talkers
  • Grown men that wear velcro shoes
  • Girls who wear shorts with words on the butt
  • Really Stupid Signs I've Seen
  • At a Dairy Queen Restaurant - "Chilled Hot Chocoloate."
  • At a park in Washington - "No living in parked vehicles."
  • At a rest stop - "No dumping."
  • On a highway in North Carolina - "No permitted trucks allowed."
  • At a retirement community in Oregon - "No running in halls."
  • Near a hotel swimming pool in Tennessee - “Please do not throw your cigarette butts on the ground. Little critters come out at night and smoke them. We are trying to get them to quit.”
Before joining the team at Ivey Performance Marketing, George Gomes was the Associate Pastor of Living Hope Church's Sunday Night Video Venue. Prior to joining Living Hope, George served 12 years in several leadership roles with 3 area businesses using his passion for building and developing teams.In 2004 he started a consulting business that provides opportunities to shine God's light int the workplace.George holds a degree in Strategic Management from California State University, Sacramento.

George gave his life to Christ while in college.He recommitted his life to Christ severalyears ago and began a completely new life journey which led him into full time ministry. George is driven by a burning desire to lead people in their walk, help develop their personal growth and find their spiritual gifting. He believes in servant leadership and seeks opportunities to help others in their difficulties. He is able to keep his focus by remembering the words of James 1:2-4,"Dear brothers and sisters, whenever trouble comes your way, let it be an opportunity for joy.For when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be strong in character and ready for anything."

George is passionately in love with his amazing wife Katherine.They have been blessed with a daughter, Isabella and most recently, a son, Luke. In his free time, George enjoys his family, golfing and hunting trips with his dad.