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Patrick Lamb

“One of the best instrumentalists I’ve ever worked with..” ~Bobby Caldwell

“Patrick Lamb’s playing and singing are simply fabulous!” ~Two–Time Grammy Winning Diane Schuur

Patrick Lamb is one of those extraordinary performers who combine raw talent, and energy with a singular ability to captivate an audience with his charm, sincerity and pure magnetism. His focus as a songwriter and performing artist is “Old School“ R&B, Soul. He combines the influences of Funk, Soul, R&B, and a flavor of Jazz to create his own unique sound as a performer and a songwriter.

Born in Jackson, Mississippi, Patrick began paying his dues by playing roadhouse music as a teenager in the rural south when he heard the evocative sounds of James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, and Wilton Felder, of the Crusaders. He immersed himself in the music of these great artists and began to discover his own sound as both a musician and performer. In the eighties his father, a high school science teacher, took the family to Portland, Oregon. Once there, Patrick’s playing and singing were developing into a formidable career, which began at the early age of 16. Although having lived in the NW, Patrick found a way to infuse his southern roots and influences into his development as a musician, songwriter and performer.

Patrick accepted early on in his career, in the 90’s, the opportunity to perform and tour with Concord Recording Artist & GRAMMY -winner Diane Schuur. In addition to touring with Ms. Schuur, he recently joined legendary R&B vocalists Bobby Caldwell and Gino Vannelli to tour worldwide. Patrick has been honored with numerous awards starting with an acclaimed best soloist performance at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, resulting in a performance with Lionel Hampton. He has won 3 Muddy awards voted on by the NW music community, and recently was a finalist in the Rockstar Mix It Up contest. In addition, to his music based awards, Patrick’s production company was given the Spirit of Portland & the Caring Heart award for his contributions giving back to the community. In 1996 and 1997 Patrick was invited to perform at the White House during the holiday Congressional VIP Tours and was in attendance at “The Peace on Earth Celebration,” leading to a meeting with President Clinton. Patrick has been solidly and consistently recognized by his peers and community as a world class talent.

Over the past few years Patrick has been focusing on his own recording career as both a songwriter and performer. He recently completed five studio albums and produced an award winning show “Let The Good Times Roll, A Tribute To Ray Charles.” A Tribute To Ray Charles, debuted at the 2005 Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival and the 15 piece big band All-star group released a CD produced by Lamb at the 2006 festival during the tributes encore performance. The tribute has received stellar reviews both regionally and nationally, and the show opened the 2007-08 Oregon Symphony Pops season.

Patrick completed work on his latest solo project, ‘Soul Of A Free Man’ which was released, in Spring 2007. Patrick’s new solo vocal CD bridges together his love of Funk, “Old School” R&B, Soul, Jazz and his southern roots. This CD was co-written with long time friend, singer-songwriter Lee Garrett, whose songwriting credits include ‘Sign Sealed Delivered,’ ‘Isn’t She Lovely,’ ‘I Just Called To Say I Love You’ and more!

In addition to these two projects Patrick finished work on a vocal duet and instrumental CD with nine-time Emmy award winning producer John Henry, and three-time Emmy nominated singer songwriter Patsy Meyer. This project was released in late Spring of 2007. Patrick’s final release in 2007 was with Michael Allen Harrison titled “At Midnight.”

Patrick has appeared on other recordings with Gino Vannelli, Jeff Lorber, Tom Grant, Eddie Martinez, Dave Weckel, Nathan East, Ricky Lawson, ‘Little John’ Roberts, Alex Al, Bill Cunliffe, Tony Madian, Curt Bisquera, Herman Jackson, Mel Brown, Marlon McClain, Nate Phillips, The Crazy 8’s, George Mitchell, Dan Balmer, Paul deLay, John Raymond, Paul Jackson Jr., Tony Gable, and many others.

Patrick also demonstrates a deep sense of community awareness and civic responsibility. He has performed for numerous fund- raisers to raise consciousness about the loss of funding for the arts in public schools. In addition, he has been involved with major civic efforts to raise money for the America Diabetes Association, Oregon Food Bank, the American Cancer Society, Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, The Christie School, ALS Association of Oregon and SW Washington. One can’t help but be moved by the huge heart of this young man as it comes though in his civic awareness…and in his exuberant energy to entertain and uplift people.

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Beat Frequency

Beat Frequency began when Natasha Neuschwander and Shawn Lewis first met and their passion for music collided. For over 12 years, Shawn, a multi-instrumental former front-man for a touring rock band and Natasha, a studio vocalist and professional sports dancer have been collaborating on Beat Frequency’s sound. In that time, their club-inspired, aggressive, hook-driven pop songs and performances have been creating fans all over the Portland, Oregon and SW Washington areas.

Married in 2004, Shawn and Natasha have always lived and breathed music. As a duo, they’ve shared the stage over 1000 times in pursuit of their dreams and have no intention of slowing down. In 2011, they made it to the producer-phase of auditions for America’s Got Talent where they decided on the name ‘Beat Frequency’ as well as the bootcamp phase of X-Factor’s inaugural season in the US. With ‘Yeses’ from Simon, Paula and Nicole, Beat Frequency took their first trip to LA to compete on the national stage as a duo.

Later in 2011, with their first full-length release, ‘Love Is All I Need’, Beat Frequency laid the groundwork for an electronically influenced, lush soundscape with a passionate vocal interplay. What began as an experimental song idea about a little black dress, turned into a concept album describing the couples’ feisty, flirty love for music and each other. Shawn’s studio production took a 180-degree turn as he set down the guitar and began to originate songs strictly by building the beat.

Beat Frequency is currently in production for their forthcoming sophomore release entitled ‘We’re On Our Way’. They’ve also auditioned for NBC’s ‘The Voice’ Season 3. Tune in Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c starting September 10th to see how they did!

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Kelli Schaefer

There’s a moment at which Kelli Schaefer’s debut album "Ghost Of The Beast" goes past simply being fantastic to that rarified air of being truly transcendent.

It happens in the song “Sister K”, a track that as it pulses forward with a shuffling train-like drum beat and slow building layers of guitar and ambient noise. As Schaefer rolls out devastating lyrics about the pain that all of us face at one point or another in our lives, she reaches the chorus: “After a good fight with illustrious intentions/after a good fight we barely broke the movement/after a good hard fight with the purest of desire.”

And then, Schaefer reaches for a note she can’t quite reach, but imbues her cracking voice with thick volumes of emotion and intensity as she sings: “Oh God I’m still on fire!”

It’s those moments that music fans yearn for when they drop the needle on a new album or cue up an mp3 on their iPod. We seek artists that pull our most deep-seated emotions out of us, and when they do, we will give them our undying devotion in return. 26-year-old Kelli Schaefer manages to do that with one broken note.

The gorgeous album is the creation of Schaefer and a murderer’s row of Portland musical talent: her label mate (and an amazing musician in his own right) Drew Grow, multi-instrumentalist Bryan Free, and members of Grow’s backing band The Pastors Wives. Together, they have created a multi-hued album that brings out the darkness and the light of Schaefer’s soul-searching lyrics.

The press of the world is starting to take notice as well. The music intelligentsia of Portland chose Schaefer as one of the city’s Best New Bands in a recent poll in Willamette Week (the accompanying feature on Schaefer referred to her work as “bucolic pop with a feral and feminist spirit”). Paste Magazine has sung her praises and debuted the startling video for her song “Black Dog” on their website. Zaph Mann at OPB Music calls her “a raw and undeniable talent,” and Barbara Mitchell on Oregon Music News said, “There are hints of Bjork, PJ Harvey and Billie Holiday at work — powerful, emotionally resonant creativity centered around a truly captivating and unique voice and vision.”

It’s rock music that encourages deep concentration as much as it does a slow roll of your hips; pop music that leaves a bittersweet aftertaste; folk music meant for a dark nightclub instead of your local coffeehouse. And even Schaefer’s straining voice doesn’t grab you in “Sister K”, there are dozens of other small moments in Ghost Of The Beast that will have you gasping for air or grabbing for the lyric sheet.

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Hyper Static Union

A new production house from one of Christian music’s biggest bands... A new imprint from a label much-admired for its artistry and innovation... And a new band that made starting both an imperative… Meet Hyper Static Union, a musical force of nature so good that it incited Third Day’s members to add more work to their overflowing plates with the formation of Consuming Fire Productions. And it’s Hyper Static Union that prompted Rocketown Records to finally launch its long-planned modern rock imprint, RKT Music.

Hailing from Camas, Wash., Hyper Static Union was birthed in Northwest garages and raised on a heavy diet of classic R&B and melodic rock. The four-piece modern rock band was first discovered by Third Day when mutual friends on the West Coast shared HSU’s early demos with the Grammy-winning band.

Producer Mac Powell (Third Day/Consuming Fire Productions) says, "This band is unlike any other out there. Shawn Lewis is hands down the most talented guy I know. And still, it's not just one of those bands with a main guy surrounded by whoever just to fill in the holes. Each guy brings such a vital part that adds to an exciting sound and live performance. People can expect to be rocked by the music and challenged as well by a lyric that is not compromised or stale. This is something totally original."

Impressed by the music as well as the character of the HSU members, Powell and his band mates chose Hyper Static to be the first release from their own Consuming Fire Productions. In addition, Consuming Fire Productions recently forged a deal with new Rocketown Records imprint, RKT, to market and distribute HSU’s debut, Lifegiver.

It’s not easy to describe what listeners can expect from this unique new band and their Spring 2006 national release, in part because each member brings such distinct talents and influences to the table to create an inviting and cohesive whole. In fact, Hyper Static Union’s Shawn Lewis (guitar/vocals), Ray Burnham (drums), Mike Jackson (bass) and Bryan Albrechtson (guitar) will tell you that their influences range from Lenny Kravitz to Led Zeppelin to James Brown, making it easy to see why they don’t want to limit their sound to just one definition. Instead, their extensive musical backgrounds meld into an original style all their own.

HSU frontman Shawn Lewis says, “Ultimately we are about the craft of songwriting, and occasionally we are able to incorporate all things funk and rock into a sensible, three-and-a-half minute package laced with a passionate melody. We feel inclined to produce music that requires people to ‘tune-in’ mentally and spiritually. We want the audience to consider certain things about their salvation, the state of the world, their hearts and their relationships.”

Musically, audiences nationwide will first be introduced to the music of Hyper Static Union this spring with the release of “Overhead” and “Praying for Sunny Day” as singles to Christian radio. Tour dates throughout March and April will bring live connections, and then the full album, Lifegiver, releases in stores and digitally nationwide in late Spring.

“Lifegiver is a really exciting record,” says Consuming Fire’s Brad Avery (Third Day). “The songs and sounds are fresh. The melodies are catchy, and this record rocks. These guys are great at weaving so many cool elements together, blending heavy rock guitars, soulful vocals, and infectious grooves to create something original and refreshing. Not only can these guys deliver in the studio, but they also have an incredible live show.”

For HSU, delivering quality musicianship serves a deeper purpose, communicating a deep and profound faith in the midst of a troubled world. Even the band’s name—a play on the theological term “hypostatic union,” which refers to Jesus’ existence as both fully man and fully God—indicates their willingness to explore all aspects of life in their music, the human and the divine. “We hope to communicate the sheer joy and beauty of God through loud guitars,” says Jackson. “I think that our audience will be broad because we bring something musically different to the table. And because our music is different, we can attract the attention of anyone who loves music, believers or not. I hope that by living Christ-centered lives God will enable us to be an example to all.”